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Major Updates to WebCards Support Forum

August 4, 2014 on 11:24 am

For a long while we have been running our support forum on the BBPress software. It is a great, lightweight piece of software that is perfect for a support forum. We have been running a very old stand-alone version for a few years but it has been over-run by spammers. This has started to impede emails being sent from this domain so it was clear an update was needed.

The most up to date version is now a plugin for WordPress rather than stand-alone. Since we already use WordPress this is not a problem. However, it has meant the forums have moved and they now look a lot different. They are also now a sub section of the blog.

All user accounts and previous posts have been transferred so there is no need to re-register.

The new version uses a very aggressive anti-spammer registration check so if you have any problems registering or logging in please feel free to email me chris@mywebcards.net.

You can access the new forums at http://www.mywebcards.net/blog/forum/.

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