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    Can this be embedded into a wordpress site?



    Currently, no.

    It is an idea that has been knocking about for a couple of years now. But it’s extremely difficult to integrate anything with WordPress.

    WordPress doesn’t separate its presentation aspects from its core data which means you have to load the WordPress database just to use its look and feel.

    If you know any examples of software that integrates with WordPress please let me know as I will be interested to see how others handle it.



    Hi, to work with wordpress or other CMS I think it should be a plugin! I know this one wich is a component for joomla http://www.odude.com/home/odude-ecard.html



    The problem with coding it as a plugin is that I would have to build it from the ground up to integrate with WordPress. Rather than taking the WordPress system and putting WebCards inside it, what I want to do is take Webcards as a stand-alone product and wrap the WordPress styling around it.

    Unfortunately it can’t be done like this.


    It works pretty well within a WordPress page using the <IFRAME> tag.



    This is something I am exploring again as I really want to be able to integrate WebCards with WordPress.

    I guess an iframe is possible, but the main problems would be how to size the iframe appropriately to prevent problems with scrollbars and secondly, how to link to pages directly?



    Has this changed in one years time? Can this be embedded into a WordPress site?



    No, it’s unlikely this will ever happen to be honest.

    The way WordPress is built means the presentation is embedded into the code. The only way to integrate the two would be to build a WordPress plugin.

    So it’s pretty unlikely to happen.



    Would there be a problem installing this in a freestanding folder amongst the files of a wordpress site?



    No, this won’t be a problem. WordPress does “take over” the folder it is installed in, but a separate directory won’t cause an issue.



    It could be sort of integrated into WordPress if one were able to link from one to the other. I can add a link to my WebCards URL in the WordPress navigation. Can I do the same from WebCards? I had tried the old version to see how it would work for me. I did not see a way to link WebCards back to my main site.

    I had a bigger issue which I will post aside from this. The WordPress post just caught my attention while I was looking to see if anyone else had the same difficulty after installing.




    You can make universal changes by editing the main template file template.html.

    You can then add a link back to your main site there.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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