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New Release: WebCards 2.5

August 22, 2010 on 9:30 pm

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of WebCards 2.5. It is available to download in the Member Centre.

The main new features are the addition of monthly subscriptions and pay-per-card. This gives you huge flexibility in terms of charging for cards. We have phased out the use of credits but the data will still be saved so you will know which members have purchased credits in the past.

Further enhancements include a Flickr image finder and the ability to send the full card content directly in the notification email.

If you are not currently a WebCards member please subscribe today for an instant download.

WebCards Bug Fix Release

May 21, 2010 on 9:50 pm

I have taken this opportunity to address an annoying bug in the current version of WebCards. The bug means that the date for future scheduled cards is sometimes wrongly generated.

This has now been fixed. You can download the updated zip file from your Member Centre. You only need to upload the file index.php to correct the problem. Please note that the problem will only be resolved for cards sent after the update has been applied.

If you encounter any issues please submit a support ticket in your Member Centre or post on the forum.

Making A Decision About Charging In WebCards

May 4, 2010 on 9:20 pm

One of the most demanded features for WebCards is flexible charging options.

At the minute you can only get your users to pay for credits. You can then set how many credits each card costs to send. I am not totally happy with this set up but this will change very soon.

As you can see from the demo version, you will soon be able to charge for individual cards. This is only available in our testing version, not general release just yet.

Additionally, we are about to introduce monthly subscriptions. You would then be able to set how many cards a user can send per month for their subscription fee.

The question I want to ask people is whether the credits option should stay too? We will have the pay-per-card option and monthly subscription. But will keeping the use of credits be a bit too much? I like flexibility, but sometimes having too many options can be too overwhelming.

Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

WebCards Version 2.4 Available NOW

April 17, 2010 on 12:47 pm

We are pleased to announce the availability of WebCards version 2.4.

This version introduces support for Facebook login and a calendar and events manager.

Here is a full list of new features.

  • Customisable cost of each card
  • Calendar and events manager
  • Ability to link event to multiple categories
  • Images are now presented in the url in a much better way, the pipe character is no longer used
  • Full integration of Facebook Connect and ability to post sent card on Facebook
  • Option to disable all registration functions
  • Ability to reorder poems, audio file and stamps
  • Option to delete multiple cards from admin centre

There are also a few bug fixes, including:

  • Images are now hidden when their categories are disabled
  • SMTP will only authenticate if a username and password are set
  • Separated admin language components from language file to aid translators

If you are not currently a WebCards member please subscribe today for an instant download.

If you have any problems feel free to post in our forum or submit a support request.

Coming Up In WebCards: Events Calendar

March 19, 2010 on 8:25 pm

Looking forward to the next release of WebCards, let’s take a look at some of te upcoming features. You can take a look at the upcoming WebCards release on our demonstration version.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the events calendar.

Webcards Events Calendar

This feature lets you list upcoming events for your users. Clicking a date that has an event will load that event via AJAX so your visitors can read all about the event. You can then choose to link some categories to any event. The great feature of this is that you can seamlessly add as many categories as you like and they will all be listed like they are part of the same category.

Let’s see how this works in the admin centre.

Admin Add Event Screen

Here you can see that we choose a date for the event but can then set the event to repeat every year. This is handy for events such as Christmas and Velentines Day. You then choose a title for this event and add a description. Most importantly is the category selection box. You can have an event that doesn’t link to any images, but alternatively you can add as many categories as you like to an event.

When the user clicks on this event, images from each of these categories will be included for sending for this event.

New WebCards Release: Version 2.3

December 30, 2009 on 9:46 am

We are pleased to announce the availability of WebCards version 2.3.

Version 2.2 was a bit of a low key release and as such many people did not take the opportunity to upgrade. So here is a summary of the latest features from the last two versions:

  • Full and complete support for stamps
  • Audio manager
  • Add poems to inspire your users
  • Custom fields
  • CSV import of user contacts
  • Option to change order of categories
  • Text version of html emails automatically generated
  • Added configurable cookie domain for more reliability
  • Add category cache
  • Numerous bug fixes

The latest release is available in your Member Centre. If you are holding off extending your subscription now is the time to extend it.

If you are not currently a WebCards member please subscribe today for an instant download.

If you have any problems feel free to post in our forum or submit a support request.

Looking for a few testers

December 12, 2009 on 11:10 am

The latest version of WebCards is pretty much complete now and almost ready to be released.

To iron out any last minute bugs I am looking for a few people to test it before it is offically released.

If you are interested please email me at chris.charlton@gmail.com

New Release: WebCards 2.1

September 1, 2009 on 8:58 pm

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of WebCards version 2.1.

There have been many improvements in this release. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Display images from child categories. This prevents parent categories showing as empty when the child categories are full of images. It is a setting that can be turned on or off.
  • Added free text upload – good for YouTube videos and other embedded media. One of the problems with Webcards 2.0 was that it used file extensions to determine how to display a file. If you added a file without an extension such as a YouTube video, Webcards didn’t know what to do with it. Now you have a the option of a free text upload. Simply paste the embedded html into the box and away you go!
  • Added reCAPTCHA system. This has been requested for a long time and is now available in Webcards. You can choose to show a CAPTCHA to everybody, just guests or you can turn it off all together.
  • WebCards is now fully brandable. You can now choose to remove all traces of the word “WebCard” from your system and fully rebrand it to whatever you want. Instead of receiving a “WebCard”, your users can now receive a “Chuck’s bodacious e-card” or whatever you wish to call them.

There are also quite a few bug fixes and feature enhancements. Most notably:

  • Fixed many SQL errors and general bugs
  • More generous login attempts for your users before they are frozen out for 10 minutes
  • Safer renaming of uploaded images to prevent file upload attacks
  • Manually typing pickup code now works properly with friendly URLs
  • Added more robust filtering of user input to prevent XSS problems
  • email is checked for being banned when a user registers

WebCards is the best value e-card software available today. It is robust, powerful and great value. $50 will get your 6 months unlimited updates and support. Customers with valid subscriptions can download WebCards today from our Secure Members Area.

If you are not a member please proceed to our order area to purchase WebCards today. It will be available for immediate download when your payment has cleared.

Member Centre Enhancements

August 7, 2009 on 8:26 am

Just a quick note to let all our current customers know of some enhancements we have made to our Member Centre.

You can now login and access your download and support area via SSL. Just visit https://www.mywebcards.net/members/ and all your information will be kept securely.

We have also made some changes to our support ticket system and fixed a few bugs. If you still have any problems with it, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Squire Padlock
photo credit: BlakJakDavy

Hundreds of Images Added to Our Demonstration

May 6, 2009 on 8:46 am

If you are looking to really test out the power of WebCards look no further than our demonstration. We have just added 217 new images so there are plenty to choose from.

Using the great bulk upload feature, it took just a few minutes to add all these images.

So try out our demo version of WebCards today.

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